The Rain Falls

It’s been a long, dry winter. The alstromeria have given up and decided it’s spring again, sprouting up fresh leaves in just the past couple of days. And now, we have finally received some rain!

I spent some time last week getting a second cistern, Seena, hooked up. I got up on the roof and cleared out the gutter and blew the leaves and redwood cones out of the way. This morning, we got enough rain to put the new system to the test and it was found wanting.

  • The pipe that takes water from our rain barrels down to the cisterns has a very reduced flow. Only a trickle is feeding into Joseph-Ann.
  • The fitting between the pipe and the hose at the rain barrel is a bit leaky.
  • The overflow hoses from the rain barrels have come off; ideally, they’d feed back into the downspout but at a minimum they should route overflow off the deck.
  • The patch I applied to Joseph-Ann at the first hole I made to connect her up to Seena is not 100%. It has a very tiny drip. I’ve applied more caulking there, but it’s a worry.
  • The pipe connecting Joseph-Ann to Seena seems to have a drip right at the fitting onto Joseph-Ann. I’ve tightened all those bits, but that’s very serious. If I can’t stop that drip, then the new capacity means nothing as it’ll all leak away by the end of spring.

So, I’ve got a bunch of plumbing to do, and of course it’s raining while I’ve got to do it. On the plus side, the rain is supposed to last for a few days, so if I get these problems sorted out there’s still a chance we can save some rain.

1 thought on “The Rain Falls”

  1. Hi, I was gonna say: “plumbing..?” ah, right, problems… such as it raining, while you’re trying to save water, with it. Anyway, I didn’t come here to say that buckets shouldn’t have holes, irrigation canals are the oldest kind, and that in that case, you Want water to leak, but rather, it’s 36ΒΊ here, I’ll warm up with a shower en route to San Francisco with at least 2 dozen others from here, and likely Many dozens from S F area.

    Yes, that’s right, it’s protesting season (for Native American sites affected due to a certain Freeway project – environmentalists flock S. too – but I’m coming from a more Bio’l. perspective, if late in writing this – again – sorry πŸ˜‰ ), just before it gets too Cold to do, much’ve anything. Congratulations on making it to my dream last night (well, of in bed 3 hours).

    I really appreciate getting to see you – though the context, well, wasn’t to be (no pun intended) – in L.A. a little while ago, thanks, both the bagpipes and the “silence” sounded great. Let’s see.. dream highlights, yup, Dreamed of Dad, again, we were actually cleaning up in the bottom church roof, er room, ahead of it being used again, I had somehow both seen this, then gone “back” in Time and told my sibling and them that we had a solid 2 weeks left, from that point, and so we could enjoy it howsoever we wished, they went off to relax, and yet the 2 of us sort of compared notes and visited others ahead of those other, events, even having re tried to locate you – you’d traveled in earlier – only to travel towards, you, and yet you were more difficult to find (they was /were almost jokingly looking at some sort of Google type satellite view of all sorts of beautiful scenery, I guess expecting to find you sooner or later), to visit in turn, for at least 1 of us 2, but yay! back to R L πŸ˜€

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