You Want Progress?

We visited our construction site today. Remember a few months ago when our original geologist resigned because he didn’t think we were taking him seriously about the ground being unstable, and how a pier depth of 20 feet wasn’t going to be good enough? Well, earlier this week we finally got sign-off from our new geologist, for piers that are 20 feet deep, or 12 feet into solid granite, whichever is shallower. The builder says that if there’s an earthquake, here’s where he wants to be standing. We told everyone at the beginning that we were on top of a couple feet of dirt over solid granite, but what do we know, right?

Anyway, having blunted several drilling bits and cored out several plugs of granite (not sure what those would be good for; fill behind the retaining walls, maybe), we’ve got steel reinforcements in place and all set for a pour next week. Let the piers cure for a couple weeks, then pour the foundation. Let the foundation cure, and then, finally, some framing could happen.

Construction site with rebar rising from holes

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