How’s the House?

How’s the house? Here’s a picture of the main house location, taken a couple days ago:

Main house


As you can plainly see, the foundation is nonexistent, and the garage has yet to materialize. The ground floor is failing to come along nicely, and the supports for the upper floor have not appeared. The elevator, stairs, and utilities remain conspicuously absent.

Okay, but there’s now a second retaining wall below the first — well, the piers for one, well, most of the piers for one — and it’s easy to envision a nice terrace with some planters below the first ha-ha.

Second wall

It’s just that the plan is to build the ADU first. Asking about the house while the ADU is unfinished is sort of like asking about the midterm elections before the presidential election even happens.

We finally have a finished foundation for the ADU, and the first load of lumber for framing has been delivered. It is now completely believable that we could be living on our property in 2023!

Here’s that first load of lumber. Note the lovely concrete foundation!

Framing supplies

And here’s the shade for the contractors, now that the big earth moving equipment is done at the ADU site:

Break shade

Doesn’t that look like something?

And, always supposing that the independent freight hauler delivers the shed (any day now, really), here’s where it’s going to get assembled:

Shed pad

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