Start Building

The second, lower, retaining wall is in place, and the backfill has been compacted. Now there’s a nice level path between the walls — it should look quite nice with some potted plants, don’t you think?

Wall path

As well as the retaining wall, the guys have laid down the first layer of wood on the ADU foundation. There’s this legal requirement where, when my contractor subcontracts someone else to supply some stuff, I get a letter notifying me that even though the contractor did the hiring, if the sub doesn’t get paid, then I’m on the hook to pay them. We just got that letter for the framing of the ADU, so that says to me that we ought to be seeing some enthusiastic growth there, soon.

Foundation wood

Speaking of enthusiastic growth, the ground that hasn’t been actually, actively underneath earth moving equipment has been busily sprouting plants. This means that our lovely firebreak is now a lovely field of French broom and young oak and madrone trees. So the guys, having set the stage for construction, are out clearing away the brush so that the lovely work they’ve done so far doesn’t burn to ash before it can even get completed.

And, while they’re hacking away, I’m unboxing our shed so we can start moving stuff out of rented storage lockers and back onto our own property.

Shed in box

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