Four Months of Bad Weather

Shortly after the previous update our location got hit with some pretty nasty weather. Power outages, road closures, snow and ice, etc. Whenever we got into port and turned on our phones, we’d get alerts from the the county’s 911 network telling us to stay home and not go anywhere because the roads were impassable. Not really a problem for us, as we were on the other side of the world, but it did mean that our builder’s crew were not able to make as much progress as we’d have liked.

Friends still ask, “How’s the house coming along?” and I get to break out a fresh photo to show them.

Pile of rubble next to a wide expanse of bare, flat earth

But! Progress on the ADU has been made. The drywall has been installed in the ADU (and the county has inspected it. Wait, seriously, the drywall needs to be inspected?) and the bathrooms have been tiled.

Oh look! Drywall

There are solar panels on the roof and they’re wired up to a disconnect box at the side of the building. There’s even a permanent power pole (right next to the temporary pole).

Power poles with nice new retaining walls behind them

Significantly, the trench with all the conduits has been filled in, as has the big hole with the new septic tank. Also, the new septic tank has been linked up to the old tank so they can share a leach field, and that connecting pipe has also been buried. There are new risers being added to the old tank so that we don’t have to do exploratory digging when it’s time to pump it out, too!

Septic tank with tall riser being attached

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