In on the Ground Floor

The ADU now has a subfloor covering the foundation. This probably means that the plumbing and electrical conduit running via what is now the crawlspace is done.

Adu front

The above picture is from the front of the ADU, looking north. Those piers in the foreground are footings for the deck that will eventually be here. Below is a pile of lumber that will be used to build said deck.

Deck lumber

Whereas the old house was built on a slab foundation and thus had no space underneath (all the pipes and conduits ran through the space between roof and ceilings), the new buildings are both being designed with piers and crawlspace. Thus, a bunch of the utilities get piped in before the framing really happens, which is way easier than coming in later and trying to run pipes in the dark with hardly any space at all. I understand this. And yet, it’s very much front-of-mind as I work on fixing the plumbing under the kitchen sink, barking my knuckles on tight corners and muttering, “How the heck did this get installed in the first place?” Well, now I know. Here’s a look at the spot where the water outflow comes from the ADU. And this is why it’s such a great idea to get all the inspections and permits up front  — I’d really hate to have to do this over.

Crawlspace concrete

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