Four Walls and a Floor

So, we’ve got a skeleton that kind of looks like a dwelling.

ADU, facing ENE

The mezzanine (it’s a 4’ high storage loft above the ground floor) isn’t there, and the roof isn’t quite installed yet, but when you walk around, it looks like a place where you might spend some time.

The wings have a sub-roof. (The actual roof is gonna be metal. This would put the kibosh on any cell phone reception, only there isn’t any cell reception up here, anyhow.)

West ADU, facing ENE

Oh, yeah. Periodically, the bank that holds the mortgage on the house that burned down calls me up to see how the rebuild is going. Today, I talked to them and said that while the ADU might be livable in 2023, the main house is still in a sort of planning phase. But we have some kick-ass retaining walls!

Looking east from the ADU

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