More Progress

Construction on the ADU is at the point where we’re about ready for a plumber to show up and start putting in the pipes that are going to live in the walls. Sinks and laundry are easy – you just put your taps at a place and then when it’s time to install a fixture you just run hoses from the taps to the fixture. Tubs and showers are different, apparently. Who knew? There’s important stuff that goes inside the wall and which is specific to the trim (that’s building contractor for “the decorative bits that go on the outside of the wall” and which the rest of us call, “the handles and stuff”). So, if you’ve chosen a Grohe shower head and handles, you have to use a Grohe rough valve in the wall.

FYI: California is almost always experiencing a shortage of water. It’s just a way of life, here. So there are laws about how much water a plumbing fixture is allowed to use during a duty cycle. About half of, for example, the Grohe catalog of plumbing parts are not compliant with California’s codes, because they use too much water. Also, the ones that are compliant wind up requiring the bits that aren’t. Just so you know.

Some people would get cross and complain about the regulations and how the dang gubmint is all up in their bidness. That sort of misses the point, though, which is that water is a rare resource and people are wasteful, unmindful, garbage fires who will go ahead and use it all up, flushing toilets 5 gallons at a go unless someone makes them be different.

Meanwhile, some of the windows have actually been installed:

west end of ADU with windows installed

Also, interior work continues (as one would expect) and the stairs up to the loft/storage are in place. They’re really steep, much more like a ladder than stairs, to accommodate the relatively short run.

steps leading up to the loft of the ADU

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